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What I would ask Trey...


Thoughts from my noggin put into words and then typed into my computer with my fingers. Topics vary from personal development and self awareness to music and those that participate in the process of creating it, or enjoying it on any level. 

What I would ask Trey...

Ryan Stanley

So, I just purchased tickets today to see Trey Anastasio interviewed publicly by Alec Wilkinson  next Friday in New York City for the New Yorker Festival. This will be the second such interview I've attended in the last 8 years. The first being with Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Anthony DeCurtis in early 2007.

Otherwise, I've seen/read/heard what feels like hundreds of additional interviews on TV, magazines, radio and the internet. All of which are often great, but usually leave me wishing that I was the one asking the questions. Clearly in my mind, my questions are much more in tune with what other people in my community really want to know. I mean of course, we all like to hear about and mostly already know the history, and are usually somewhat interested in the process of whatever new project he's currently working on,  but what we we really want to know is... If Trey and I were hanging out  at my house, what would we really talk about?

So with that premise in mind I came up with the following list of 19 Questions for Ernest Joseph "Trey" Anastasio III:


If I were to ask you for three really funny stories about being on stage at a Phish show over the past 30+ years, what would the Titles of Those stories be?  No pressure for a favorite or details, just the titles of the first ones that come to your mind. For example: “That one time that….”


What advice would 2015 Trey give to 1983 Trey if you could go back in time?


Tell me anything you want about The Clifford Ball and include a perspective with some sort of a comparison to your experience at Amy’s Farm.


What’s the difference in the energy in any performance and crowd response/interaction, if any, between an original and a cover? Ie: Character Zero vs. A Day in the Life. As a fan of that covers or the Beatles, does it shift the energy behind your passion of the experience? Not to ask if it’s better or worse, just how it’s different.


How would you calculate the influence of Ernie Stires in your and/or Phish’s music, overall musical journey, and output?


What’s been your favorite lesson in life?


If I could choose three covers for Phish to play they would be (in no particular order):

La Villa Strangiato – Rush

Ode to Joy - Ludwig van Beethoven

Rubin And Cherise - Jerry Garcia Band


And I’d love to hear TAB cover:

Same Boy You’ve Always Known – The White Stripes

This obviously wasn’t a question, just a seed or two that I hope to plant.


What’s your favorite part about Fatherhood?


Top three venues to play at in no particular order are:


How has your preparation for the Fare Thee Well shows had an effect on your life both musically and personally?


Talk about your relationship with Tom Marshall and what that relationship has brought to the Phish universe:


How does gratitude play a part in your daily, personal and professional life?


If you could introduce Phish/Trey fans to one musician/group who they more than likely have never heard of, but would be worth their while to listen to, who would that be?


What musician/group of musicians would your fans be most surprised to know that you listen to and admire?


Who is your favorite classical composer? I’m partial to Vivaldi myself.


Do you have a favorite Piper? As of this writing, mine is the 7/6/98 Prague Piper. Which reminds me… Whatever happened to the slow build Piper?


Talk about your perspective on any of the following artists:

Frank Zappa

The Beatles

Pink Floyd


Talk about Energy. Not the song that you’ve covered by The Apples in Stereo, but Energy itself and how it plays a role in not only any particular stage performance but also in everyday life.


What’s your favorite Beatles album? … and while I’m at it… Lennon, McCartney or Harrison?


Those are my questions... What would you ask him?