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Phish Dick's Fire Sale

Excited for Dick's? Us too!

You need a Dick’s Sporting Goods Arena SetListTee to rock this Labor Day Weekend, and we have three. Buy one get and get an in-stock classic Just the Date shirt for $10.00. That's two shirts for $35.00! ($50.00 value)

Or, get the entire Dick’s set for $60.00 ($75.00 value).

Limited sizes, first come first serve! If your size isn’t in stock, we’ll work with you to get you an awesome shirt with your purchase. Just let us know.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to get the entire Set of Dick’s.

Most Shows Spell Something.jpg

8/30/13 - Most Shows Spell Something

If we didn’t know before, we knew after this show that — yes, in fact — most shows spell something.

Set 1GhostNICUIcculusHeavy ThingsTheme From the Bottom > EstherThe Moma Dance > Ocelot,StashLawn BoyLimb By LimbEasy To Slip

Set 2Punch You In the Eye > SandSay Something > Walls of the Cave > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Harry Hood -> Silent in the Morning > Twist > Slave to the Traffic Light

EncoreOh! Sweet Nuthin' > Meatstick


8/31/12 - F*CK Your face

They spelled out their intentions in set 1 and 2 then broke out a killer F*ck Your Face for the first time in quite a while.

Set 1First TubeUncle PenCarini > Kill Devil FallsYou Enjoy MyselfOcelotUndermind

Set 2Runaway Jim > Farmhouse > AlaskaChalk Dust Torture > Emotional Rescue > Fuck Your Face


All the Dicks.jpg


Get ‘em now!

Why settle for one, when you could have all THREE?!

Only $60.00! ($75.00 value)