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We know that you want to see shirts from shows that you have some sort of sentimental value for or that were just too awesome not to have a shirt for. On our end of things there are literally thousands of shirts to choose from. 

Help us out! Fill out a request for a show that you’d like to have as a SetListTee and it just might be next on the list. No Set Lists are guaranteed, but we generally go in order of the most requested. Request as many shows as you like!

Date *
What would you like on the front of the shirt? *
** this is not a required field and your design suggestion is not guaranteed to be used, but all thoughts and suggestions are absolutely taken into consideration ** Please note that we can not and do not use already copyrighted materials such as band logos, band likenesses, or popular designs affiliated with a band, ie Steal Your Face, Dancing Bears, Fire Dancer etc
** the font style you request for your 'Just the Date' SetListTee is not guaranteed but definitely taken into consideration - this is not a required field - if you request a 'Just the Date' style and don't suggest a font style, we'll do our best to pick out something that is awesomely epic
**this is not a required field and your color choices are not guaranteed but definitely taken into serious consideration. **If filling this out, please choose two colors and label them 'Shirt:' and 'Ink:'
This is only so that if we have any questions for you or want to email you to tell you that your shirt is ready I know who to address the email to.
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