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7/14/03 - Unidentified Flying Awesomeness

This is our first design for a show by the grunge legends from Seattle. Based on some stage banter about the under side of the venue roof looking like a UFO and a later switch in lyrics during 'Wishlist' we've title this one 'Unidentified Flying Awesomeness' We hope you dig it!

Pearl Jam - July 14, 2003 - PNC Bank Arts Center - Homdel, NJ

Set 1

Wash -> Once ->Even Flow->Go -> Dissident -> Corduroy -> Nothingman -> I Got Id -> In My Tree -> Present Tense -> Given To Fly -> Wishlist -> Why Can't I Touch It? -> Evacuation -> Insignificance ->1/2 Full -> Save You -> Porch

Encore 1:

Growin' Up -> Do The Evolution -> Daughter -> Androgynous Mind-> Alive

Encore 2:

Hunger Strike -> Leaving Here -> Fortunate Son -> Rockin' In The Free World

Encore 3:

Yellow Ledbetter

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